Using The Right Lawyer Can Maximize Your Injury Compensation Claim

When it comes to the majority of personal-injury victims, getting insurance companies to pay out is not the issue. The real problem is getting the company to pay out what the victim deserves.

After you have been involved in an accident, you will more than likely receive a phone call from an insurance company within 3 to 4 days. They will typically go over specifics associated with the accident and let you know an amount that they are prepared to pay you. Unfortunately, there are countless victims that make the assumption that this amount is the best they are going to be offered and decide to take it. Making this decision may place you at risk of putting you in a financial situation that is serious.

The truth about personal injury cases is that an accurate determination in regards to the value of your case cannot be decided on within a few short days. At this stage you won’t know the amount of your lost wages, medical costs along with additional expenses are going to account for over the long term. The amount that you are going to need in order to assist you in getting back to your normal life is not something you should ever guess at. As soon as you sign a document with an insurance company you are now own your own. This means any future expenses such as loss of wages and medical expenses will become your responsibility. This can often accumulate to thousands of dollars and will be a lot more that what an insurance company has offered as a payout.

The solution to this problem is to always contact an experienced personal injury lawyer before signing anything which comes from an insurance company. The IRC (Insurance Research Council) state that victims of accidents obtain a much higher pay-out with an attorney opposed to those without.

Here are the steps used by personal injury lawyers to arrive at the best settlement for your case:

  • Investigation Of Your Injuries

Once you have decided on a lawyer and signed a contract, they will proceed to fully investigate the claim which will include evidence such as police reports, the actual accident scene, photographs taken from the scene and your medical records. This is followed by working alongside experts in order to reconstruct your accident in order to obtain the necessary evidence. This enables the lawyer to recreate accurate pictures of the accident so that they are able to arrive at a decision on the right compensation for losses you have sustained.

  • Sending The First Demand Letter

Once your lawyer has made an accurate decision on the value associated with your case from the investigation, they will assist you in formulating your demand letter that will be submitted to the insurance company of the other party. This demand typically includes lost income, medical bills, property damage, pain-and-suffering and even the possibilities associated with medical expenses into the future when you require ongoing treatments.

  • Filing A lawsuit

When the case cannot be settled through a demand and a counter-offer method, your lawyer may advise you to file your own lawsuit to seek the right compensation. However, if there is the chance to resolve the case out of a court room, you may want to avoid going to court as the addition of a jury and judge to this process can be accompanied by added risks.

Under the legal system, personal injury victims are entitled to and have full rights to the highest levels of representation. Find the right lawyer to ensure you receive the right compensation when you have been impacted by an act of negligence.